Friday, September 11, 2009

The Great Family of Joseph Vick Before 1675 to 1987 May Be Reprinted

In an earlier blog I asked if there were any good Vick family history books or short histories about the Vick families other than those I listed in the blog. While I have not learned of any new books or short histories, I have learned that Conner Vick is interested in republishing The Great Family of Joseph Vick Before 1675 to 1987. The authors of the book were his father, Samuel B. Vick, Sr., his brother Samuel B. Vick, Jr., and his sister Lorrayne Vick Donnell. Conner is exploring ways to have the book reprinted. If you would like a copy of the book, you might write him at the address below to let him know of your interest. He is trying to determine how many books to print.

Conner Vick
7329 Pope Watervalley Road
Pope, Mississippi 38658

Conner does not have an estimated printing date or price since he has not finalized the details.

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