Monday, October 11, 2010

The Next Step in Using DNA in My Search for Vick Family History

Those who follow this blog will know that I am incorporating DNA in my search for Vick family history. This weekend I moved much closer to having my entire genome sequenced. The Personal Genome Project notified me that I am now enrolled in their project. I applied back in April 2009, so it has been a long wait just to get to this point. Now I have to wait for testing.

I look forward to seeing what new information my genome reveals.


Stephen Vick said...

I am Stephen Lynn Vick
Alfred Madison Vick, father
James Tolbert Vick, grand father
Judge Douglas Vick, great
Edward C. Vick, great x2
Stephen Vick, great x3
Jacob Vick, great x4
Robert Vick, great x5
William Vick, great x6
Joseph Vick, great x7

I am interested in knowing more about our family.

James Larry Vick said...


I see we are 4th cousins. You can e-mail me at